All You Need to Know About OWLs Before Stage 2

Posted by DemiLaryn April 1, 2019 in Blossoms Thoughts

With Stage 2 fast approaching, Death Blossoms wanted to share our take on the hottest topic of the week: OWL. With a surplus of fresh talent in season 2, the upcoming stage will be the perfect time for teams to showcase a new breadth of determination as they improve upon their communication and tactics, with help from their coaches of course.

The competition is fierce, but one contender has been soaring higher than the rest. Calling both Asia and North America home this Titan has been dominating the playing field. Expected to come in strong in stage 2, hoo will be able to put a stop to their rampage?

Goats were as popular as ever this past stage. Teams going head to head over the payload were a treat to watch from a bird’s eye view.

But the best OWL tactic is certainly surprise. Seeing unexpected plays are the highlight of the stage.

The addition of multiple new teams from Europe and Asia is bound to lead to some tense rivalries.

Some teams may have been a little flighty, and not willing to take the fight head on cost them.

But we also saw long awaited victories: This once in a lifetime shot was taken during Shanghai’s first win of the league. It was definitely a head turner!

But the League isn’t just about the participants! You can find these passionate fans cheering from the sidelines. With members from South America, these League hopefuls aim to inspire their region to form a team of their own.

Did your favorite team suffer an unexpected defeat last round? Don’t let that ruffle your feathers; this stage is looking to be a hoot.