Death Blossoms Community Tournament: Week One Recap

Posted by Amna July 30, 2018 in Events


The Death Blossoms Community Tournament is open not only to members of Death Blossoms, but also to Death Blossoms Friends! The community could enter pre-existing teams and also form teams just for the tournament. The response to signups was overwhelming enough that we had to expand from two brackets to four to accommodate everyone.

Week One has just concluded and it was as exciting and fun as everyone hoped. We’ll take a look at the makeup of each bracket below and also go over the results of the first week’s matchups before we preview what will be coming in Week Two.

The Teams

There are four brackets in the tournament, each in a different range of SR. All brackets are primarily NA teams, save for the fourth bracket, which is a mixture of both NA and EU teams. Here are your competitors in this tournament!

Bracket 1: Gold-Low Plat

Joining us in Bracket 1 are teams Still In Beta, Violent Violets, monkaS, Belladonna, and Nike.

  • Still In Beta is led by CatArmpit, and is an out-of-server team.
  • Violent Violets is a team made up of some Death Blossoms locals. It is led by Cascadia, and features some other familiar DB regulars.
  • monkaS is a team led by DB’s own Allie. monkaS features DB members RicanDiva, AJHoney, Akra, and Denel.
  • Belladonna is an in-house Death Blossoms team. It is headed by TC Cloudninedreamer.
  • Nike is a mixture of both DB locals and friends, led by MaryPimpins, and features DB member Bunny.

Bracket 2: Platinum

In Bracket 2, we have teams Lotus, Cookie Bytes, Redemption, Team Maeby, and Aris.

  • Lotus is one of DB’s very own in-house teams. It is led by TC Scientesse.
  • Cookie Bytes is a team under the Translocators OW Community, led by Majima (Receive and bite you), and joined by DB’s own Pesky.
  • Redemption is a DB-affiliated team, and is led by Theweirdkind.
  • Team Maeby is led by Stee and features Pigeonwings player Kikoia, along with some other DB friends.
  • Aris is an in-house team of Death Blossoms, and is led by courageous DB admin and TC Demi.

Bracket 3: High Plat-Diamond

Featured in Bracket 3 is Blink Strike, Supernova, Taco Truck, TM Esports, and Chickpeas.

  • Blink Strike is a DB-affiliated team led by Megaman.
  • Supernova is a team under the Andromeda OW community led by Countess.
  • Taco Truck is led by Calluna player Butchvillian, and includes other familiar DB members.
  • TM Esports is a DB-affiliated team led by Adam.
  • Chickpeas is led by DB recruiting officer Sublein. It showcases other very familiar DB names such as Amna, Kaidas, Somecatfish, Roxanne, and QueenGalaxy.

Bracket 4: Master-GM

Last but not least, in Bracket 4 we will see high level play from teams Huutista, Wolfsbane, OSC Gray, NuQa, Vivacity, and Arum.

  • Huutista is led by Arum analyst Wattumart.
  • Wolfsbane is another in-house Death Blossoms team led by Nuka.
  • OSC Gray is an off-server team led by DeadPixel.
  • NuQa is a team with a mix of members and friends led by DB member Goon.
  • Vivacity is a team led by DB member Daisy.
  • Arum is Death Blossoms’ only in-house GM team. It is led by Snappy.


Week One has already concluded, and it was as action-packed and fun as everyone was hoping. We had the pleasure of having most of our games streamed and casted by volunteers from the community, so if you didn’t get to tune in live, there are links to VODs below, and we hope you’ll join us next time! Let’s take a look at the results and the current standings.

Bracket 1: Both games were tight, with Belladonna defeating monkaS 2-1 including a close overtime 3-2 victory to monkaS on Junkertown. Nike managed to come out on top over Violent Violets 2-1 as well.
See the matchups here: Belladonna vs monkaS & Nike vs Violent Violets

Bracket 2: Team Maeby emerge victorious over Redemption 2-1, while Aris took a decisive 3-0 victory over Cookie Bytes.
See the matchups here: Aris vs Cookie Bytes

Bracket 3: Chickpeas took the win against Supernova 2-1, while TM Esports won handily over Taco Truck 3-0!
See the matchups here: TM Esports vs Taco Truck

Bracket 4: Wolfsbane forfeited their match, giving Arum a 3-0 victory and putting them on top of Bracket 4. Wolfsbane has also dropped out of the tournament and will no longer be playing. Meanwhile, NuQa played against Vivacity in a very close matchup that saw scores of 5-4 on Junkertown and 3-2 on Hanamura, but in the end NuQa took the win.
See the matchups here: NuQa vs Vivacity


Bracket 1: Belladonna and Nike are tied for first place with 4 points each, while monkaS and Violent Violets are tied with 2 points each. Still In Beta had the bye this week.

Bracket 2: Aris has a strong hold on first right now with 6 points. Team Maeby is in second with 4 points, and Redemption is in third with 2 points, while Cookie Bytes is just behind them with 0 points. Lotus was on a bye for Week 1.

Bracket 3: TM Esports has the maximum 6 points so far and first place as a result. Chickpeas is in second with 4 points, and Supernova in third place with 2 points. Taco Truck has since dropped out of the tournament. Blink Strike had the week off.

Bracket 4: Huutista, Arum, and NuQa are right on top of each other with a three-way tie for first place and 6 points each. Vivacity brings up the rear with 0 points, as do Wolfsbane and OSC Gray, who have both dropped out of the tournament.

Week 2 Preview

In Week 2, expect to see some movement, as the teams that had Week 1 byes will be playing, and in a couple of cases, they have a chance to tie it up or overtake their bracket’s first place teams.

Bracket 1: Belladonna has the bye this week, which gives Nike a big opportunity to take the lead. They’ll be playing monkaS while Still in Beta has their first matchup of the tournament, this one against Violent Violets.

Bracket 2: Team Maeby takes a rest. Aris will be looking to expand their lead when they play Redemption, and Lotus has their bracket debut when they play against Cookie Bytes.

Bracket 3: Supernova would have faced Taco Truck and gains an automatic 6 points from the forfeit, granting them first place with a total of 8 points. TM Esports will be sitting on the sidelines this week, waiting to see if Chickpeas will overtake them in their match against Blink Strike in the latter’s first game of the tournament.

Bracket 4: Huutista would have faced Wolfsbane this week, and will instead take a bye and an automatic 6-point gain. Both Arum and NuQa will be looking to keep up with them, and it will be quite the challenge as they’ll face off with each other! Vivacity will also gain 6 points and sit out for the week due to OSC Gray dropping out.

We’ll check in with you again at the conclusion of Week 2 with another review of all the matches that took place, an update on the standings, and a look toward Week 3!

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