Death Blossoms Community Tournament: Week Three Recap

Posted by Amna August 13, 2018 in Events

Week Three of the Death Blossoms Community Tournament has concluded! Here’s the latest recap and standings, as well as a look ahead to Week Four!

What is the Death Blossoms Community Tournament? Check out the overview in the Week One Recap, and make sure you catch up on all of the action so far with the Week Two Recap!


We’re over halfway through the tournament now, and as the leading teams in each bracket start to face one another, we’re seeing a bit of movement in the standings and some interesting races for first place are beginning to emerge.

Bracket 1: Belladonna swept Nike 3-0, though all of the matches went the distance, with Anubis and Eichenwalde going to extra attack rounds. Still in Beta also had a 3-0 victory when they played against monkaS. Violent Violets had the bye this week.
See the matchups here: Belladonna vs Nike (Part 2)

Bracket 2: Team Maeby swept Aris in a stunning upset, which ties them up with the Snek Squad for the lead in this bracket. Lotus took out Redemption 2-1 to maintain third place, only two points behind both leaders. Cookie Bytes had the bye this week.
See the matchups here: Team Maeby vs Aris & Lotus vs Redemption

Bracket 3: Taco Truck’s forfeit gives Blink Strike a 3-0 win by default. TM Esports swept Supernova 3-0, vaulting them into first place over Chickpeas, who had the bye this week.
See the matchups here: TM Esports vs Supernova

Bracket 4: NuQa‘s 3-0 victory over Huutista created a three-way tie for first place in this bracket. Then, Arum and Vivacity squared off, with Vivacity looking to make it a four-way tie and Arum going for a huge lead on their opponents. In the end, Arum emerged the victor 2-1, which puts them alone in first place.
See the matchups here: Arum vs Vivacity


Bracket 1: Belladonna, Still in Beta, and Nike are tied for first place with 10 points each. Violent Violets is in fourth place with 4 points and monkaS brings up the rear with 2 points.

Bracket 2: Team Maeby and Aris are tied for first place with 10 points each. Third-place Lotus has 8 points and fourth-place Redemption has 6 points, making for a very close race among these four teams. Cookie Bytes trails with 2 points.

Bracket 3: Only 2 points separate each rank in this bracket, as TM Esports holds first place with 12 points, Chickpeas in second place with 10 points, Supernova in third place with 8 points, and Blink Strike in fourth place with 6 points.

Bracket 4: Arum has the biggest lead of any team at 16 points, but Huutista and NuQa aren’t to be counted out just yet, as they are tied with 12 points. Vivacity sits in fourth place with 8 points.

Week Four Preview

Bracket 1: Still in Beta and Belladonna concluded their match already, with Still in Beta taking full advantage of the opportunity to grab sole possession of first place with a 3-0 win. Violent Violets will be looking to catch up as they play monkaS, who still have a chance to gain a lot of ground in the standings. Nike has the bye this week.

Bracket 2: Team Maeby will be aiming to get first place all to themselves, but their opponent is Lotus, who could just as easily overtake them with a victory. Redemption also has a chance at first place, but they have to get past Cookie Bytes to do it. Aris has the bye this week.

Bracket 3: Due to Taco Truck’s forfeit, Chickpeas automatically gets a 3-0 victory and vaults into first place with 16 points. TM Esports can make up that ground, but Blink Strike can just as easily tie it up with them. Supernova has the bye this week.

Bracket 4: NuQa and Arum both get 3-0 victories by forfeit this week, meaning Arum is in first place with 22 points and NuQa is in second place with 18 points. Huutista and Vivacity have also concluded their match, with Huutista taking a 2-1 victory to keep the race tight, with 14 points in third place.

The action will continue all week on the Death Blossoms Twitch channel, which you can find at DeathBlossomsGG! Come by, say hello, and cheer on your friends and fellow community members! See you next time for the Week Four recap!