Death Blossoms Officer All-Star Games Recap

Posted by Amna September 6, 2018 in Events

The Overwatch League recently wrapped up their inaugural season with the All-Star Weekend, two days jam-packed with fun custom games that saw everything from the League broadcast talent squaring off in a best of three to the first Torbjorn hammer kill in a League game.

Death Blossoms likewise finished their five-week Community Tournament, and decided to celebrate in similar style by holding the first ever Death Blossoms Officer All-Star Games. Twelve of our officers participated in five rounds of custom games, and the results were as entertaining for the officers themselves as for the audience.

Your Participants

Amna – DB Admin
Demi – DB Admin
Trippid – Recruiting Officer
Jennos – Event Organizer
Jodem – Team Coordinator
Veroicone – Website Coordinator
Deluxity – Twitch Manager
Ufotutkija – EU PUG Manager
eternaforest – NA Weekend PUG Manager
Stardust – NA Weekday PUG Manager & Blog Team Manager
chalphy – Blog Team
cloudninedreamer – Blog Team
Swift – Blog Team

Round 1: Ana Paintball

Ana Paintball is a popular custom game — you can often find open lobbies on the Game Browser — with standard Deathmatch rules, only everyone plays Ana, all rifle shots and sleep darts are one-shot kills, and melee, grenades, and Nano Boost are disabled. The winner is the first person to reach 20 kills.

Ufo shows off her skills in a big win on Nepal Shrine:

The ladies traded kills in a multi-way Ana standoff on Black Forest:

Round 2: Counterwatch: Global Offensive

This custom game uses standard 3v3 Elimination rules, only everyone is restricted to the four most aim-intensive DPS heroes: Widowmaker, Hanzo, Soldier: 76, and McCree.

Aris teammates Jennos and Trippid duked it out in a sniper battle on Ilios Well:

Stardust clutches it out for Team SnapCracklePop on Ilios Ruins:

Round 3: Lucioball

You know Lucioball! This is a standard 3v3 arcade mode where everyone plays Lucio and has to boop a giant ball into a goal. The team with the highest score at the end of the five minute match is the winner.

Amna wasn’t hearin’ that noise during this flashy play:

Nuadin gets ready to cast the next FIFA World Cup:

Round 4: Ana Napmatch

Call it Ana Paintball, only on hard mode! This time the only one-hit kill is a punch to the face, with the rifle, grenade, and Nano Boost all disabled. Participants sleep each other and try to get a punch in before someone comes along and sleeps and punches them. The winner is the first to 30 kills.

Sleep and punch is the name of the game, and Nuadin and Ory go over the strats:

Stardust was forgotten and made Trippid pay for it:

Amna comes in with a play Pharah would be proud of:

Round 5: Mystery Heroes

Nothing new here: under standard Quick Play rules, RNG picks your heroes every time you respawn, and all you can do is hope for the best… and that the enemy team doesn’t get two Mercys and two Bastions. The officers played two rounds on Junkertown, with each team attacking and defending once.

It’s hammer time as Vero keeps her turret up without the help of a shield:

Stardust channeled her inner Poko with a clutch play:

Just like Widow herself, Ufo doesn’t miss:


The DB officer team had a great time in this event and we hope to do this again in the future! Feel free to drop any suggestions for custom games you’d like to see us play in the comments or on the Discord server.

Special thank you to OryHaram and TheNuadin for casting the All-Star Game, and to eternaforest for coming up with the idea!

Be sure to follow deathblossomsgg on Twitch – you can catch more awesome events like this and also regular streams from our community members and our teams!