Death Blossoms Open Tryouts

Posted by Stardust February 3, 2019 in Reviews

The Death Blossoms are currently hosting open tryouts for a new all-girls Overwatch team! After the exciting news was announced by DB’s Team Coordinator, Jodem, our blog team reached out to discuss the details.

Q: Could you give us a simple tl;dr of what this team business is all about?
A: We are trying to get a bunch of girls interested in teams again! Our goal is to have in-house scrims either monthly or weekly, depending on how many interested teams we get!

Q: What are the requirements to try out for this team? How many players are you looking to recruit? Will it be a six-player roster, or will there be substitutes/specialists as well?
A: We want a minimum of at least six players within the same SR bracket, but if we could have more for substitutes or even enough to make another team, we would be ecstatic! Our minimum requirement is an SR of 2.5k (we are pretty lenient about this) with a max of 3.5k.

Q: Are you hoping to make this team a permanent fixture within DB/DBF?
A: Yes, this would be a permanent team within DB.

Q: How long will you be accepting potential players to sign-up and try out?
A: As of right now there’s no hard date; we’re trying to see how many sign-ups we get, and potentially keep recruitment and tryouts open until we can fill a full roster.

Q: What was the idea behind forming this team? Do you have a mission statement in mind for the proposed team?
A: This team was intended to be competitive; there is no mission statement yet, as that’s for the players themselves to come up with! The only real requirement for this team is that they play together with a competitive mindset (wanting to scrim, play competitive mode together, and join tournaments!).

Q: If anyone has questions, or wants to try out, who should they contact or where should they go to sign-up?
A: For questions, contact me! If you would like to sign up, then join our DBF server and check out the channel #tryouts-info. Feel free to send me a message to sign up, since I’m excited to talk to everyone!

If you’ve wanted to be on an all-girls Death Blossoms team, now is your big chance! Sign up in DBF and start your new team life.

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