Death Blossoms Tournament – Wrap Up

Posted by Amna September 1, 2018 in Events

Written by IvyDragon

Hello and welcome to the final post in our Death Blossoms community tournament series! Now that this tourney has officially concluded, I will be your guide to the recap of weeks 4 and 5, concluding with the final standings in each bracket. A big thank you to every team that participated! Did you miss the competition and excitement? Here’s all you need to know about the last two weeks:

Bracket 1
Week 4:

Still in Beta and Belladonna took each other strong in an exciting match! A hard-fought victory was gained by Still in Beta, giving them a 6-0 boost within their bracket!
Meanwhile, Violent Violets went head on with monkaS. The battle was tight, with the two teams frequently taking the lead from each other. Despite the tight fights, Violent Violets came out on on top with a 4-2 victory.

Week 5:

Round 5 of Bracket 1 kicked off with Belladonna vs. Violent Violets. Violent Violets’ own CascadeQueen showed off an impressive Reinhardt, and Belladonna’s Amanda flaunted her fast-paced McCree plays. After seeing an exciting fight, Belladonna took a victory at 6-0. To conclude bracket 1, team Nike played Still In Beta. The game was close, but in the end Nike secured a 4-2 win.

After seeing some strong plays, good teamwork, and fantastic individuals, I am excited to announce that Still In Beta took the victorious 1st place for Bracket 1, leading with 18 points! Close behind in second place was Belladonna with 16 points.


Bracket 2
Week 4:

Lotus duked it out with Team Maeby. We saw some exciting comps pulled out from Lotus, and as equally strong counters by Team Maeby. Team Maeby took a 6-0 win to end week 4. Also played this week was Cookie Bytes vs. Redemption. Cookie Bytes fought hard against the onslaught brought against them by team Redemption, but ultimately fell in the end, giving Redemption a 6-0 victory.

Week 5:

After seeing Team Maeby victorious in Week 4, they kept up their victory in the final week, going against Cookie Bytes with a 6-0 shutout. In-house teams Lotus and Aris were the final teams to duke it out in bracket two, ending with Aris securing a 6-0 win.

Bracket 2 did not disappoint in any way, with each team showing just how much communication and hard work pays off.  Ultimately Team Maeby shined supreme in first place with 22 points, with Aris coming in second place with 16 points.


Bracket 3
Week 4:

Blink Strike played against TM Esports. Blink Strike didn’t let down easily, managing to earn 2 points, but eventually TM Esports worked their way to a 4-2 victory. Due to an earlier forfeit from team Taco Truck, team Chickpeas received a 6-0 win this week.

Week 5:

The two victors of last week, TM Esports and Chickpeas, battled, facing up in an exciting match. In the end, TM Esports took the win at 6-0. Supernova also went up against Blinkstrike, in a match that ended with Blink Strike on top 4-2.

I am happy to announce your Bracket 3 champions are TM Esports with a cumulative score of 22 points. In second place we have team Chickpeas, with 16 points.


Bracket 4
Week 4:

Arum and NuQa both shoot up in the standings, gaining 6 points each from their respective matches. Vivacity gained 4 points this time around, Huutista earned 2, and Wolfsbane and OSC Gray stay the same with no new points due to prior forfeits.

Week 5:

Things really heated up this final week! Vivacity goes against Wolfsbane for a 6-0 due to forfeit, and NuQa also took a 6-0 victory against OSC Gray due to forfeit. Arum went against Huutisa and secured a 4-2 win!

Bracket 4 team Arum has been on fire this whole tourney, and takes first place with 26 points! Following close on their tails with 24 points is team NuQa in second place.


This tournament was an exciting, new experience for Death Blossoms. We sincerely thank each and every player who joined us and we hope you enjoyed participating because we had a blast having you join us these past 5 weeks. We hope you’ll consider signing up for future community events, and check out the blog for other happenings around DB.