Grandmas vs Babies Recap

Posted by Amna September 11, 2018 in Events

This past Saturday, a brawl for the ages occured for all to see. A battle between young and old, whippersnapper and old lady. It was the Grandmas vs Babies Tournament, an in-house, PUG-style tourney with the teams divided between the ladies aged in their soul, and the young at heart. And a great time and great games were had by all.

The tourney was played as a round robin, with best of three matches between every team. There were three teams, one baby team, and two grandma teams. The participants were:

The Babies:

Cloudninedreamer (Battletag CloudedSky)

The Gr-Amnas:

Gabi (Battletag Juniper)

The Meemaws:

Chalphy (Battletag Amanda)
Hera (Battletag Eris)

Match One: Babies versus Meemaws

We started the tournament with the Babies and the Meemaws, beginning on Ilios Ruins. The match began with Zadca of Team Meemaws disconnecting. After a brief pause, the game began in earnest. The Ruins showed some skilled shots from Luna’s Pharah onto the enemy DPS, and she along with Benolot’s Mei led the Babies to victory on the first point. The second point was the Well. The players on both teams again worked overtime, with the Babies winning the point and the map with Luna sealing the deal with a triple kill Rocket Barrage.

The next map was King’s Row, with the Babies starting on Defense and the Meemaws on Attack. Sandra on Pharah and Amanda on Hanzo opened up the first point for their team with a Rocket Barrage and a Dragonstrike. Luna responded by killing both of them with a Riptire to jumpstart her team’s defense. But with a few strong fights with contributions from all the members, the Meemaws continued on past the checkpoint and towards the end. A Graviton Surge and Earthshatter combo helped to clear out the Babies, despite Eternaforest on eating Amanda’s Dragonstrike. After a little bit of stall from the Babies, the Meemaws secured the third checkpoint. The Babies attack began with a successful first push, with Benolot on Mei killing three of the Meemaws. With a few successful team fights and Benolot pushing the payload, the Babies secured the second point. Amanda swapped to D.Va to take down the Babies’ tanks and stabilize the defense in front of the third checkpoint. Eterna later started the payload moving again with a triple kill Self-Destruct, and following a very long, drawn out fight lasting around two minutes, the Babies claimed the third checkpoint, starting the extra round.

The Attack for the Meemaws had them take the first point, with Zadca on Zenyatta winning a duel versus Benolot’s Mei to help open up the fight for them. The Babies took the chance to regroup and pushed back in, and a Self-Destruct from Eternaforest found RebelRose’s Ana led the charge. The rest of the team cleaned up the Meemaws, with CloudedSky on Mercy even charging forward to kill Amanda’s McCree. The Meemaws were stopped at the first choke, and the Babies’ goal was set. The Babies picked apart the Meemaws one by one, with Benolot pulling out the Sombra to help disrupt, and the final push began. With five seconds left, Sandra’s nanoboosted Reaper killed two, pushing the fight into Meemaw’s favor, and RebelRose on Lúcio was able to stall out the payload for a while with the help of Zadca on Moira, but ultimately the spawn advantage the Babies had was too great, and once they cleaned up the remaining Meemaws, they won the map and the match.

Match Two: Babies versus Gr-Amnas

The next match saw the Babies, fresh off of their first win, face the Gr-Amnas. We again started on Ilios, this time on the Well. The Babies started with the first take, but at 99 percent, the Gr-Amnas were able to retake, gaining capture percent for themselves. The Babies returned the next fight and together overwhelmed the Gr-Amnas, retaking the point and winning it. The next point was Lighthouse. The Babies took the first capture, but almost immediately the Gr-Amnas took it from them. After a long fight, the Babies took the point back, but the Gr-Amnas were securely in the lead at 73 percent. Nami on McCree was able to kill three member of the Babies while being knocked off the edge, but the Babies were able to equalize and keep the fight going. With three ultimates to use, and the Gr-Amnas staggered out, the Babies were able to secure the point, putting them at match point versus the Gr-Amnas, as well as for the tournament.

The next map was Dorado, with Gr-Amnas attacking first. Ajhoney’s Zenyatta landed first blood against MissRoxy’s Widowmaker, and with that pick, the Babies swarmed the payload, wiping out the Gr-Amnas to start an immovable defense. With thirty seconds left in the round, Rainmonkey landed a massive Self-Destruct, killing CloudedSky’s Mercy and Benolot’s Zarya, removing both of their ultimates from the fight and starting Gr-Amna’s push. Towards the first checkpoint, however, the two returned, and with the help of a great Graviton Surge from Benolot, Luna killed nearly the entire enemy team, ending the push and starting the next round. Both teams were faced with a dilemma. The Gr-Amnas didn’t have much to defend, so they needed to pull the big guns. The Babies just wanted to have fun while (hopefully) taking the win. So, both teams decided to run a Bastion. The Bastion vs Bastion was won out by Nami, who took a flanking position to the payload to kill four of the Babies. Sadly, after this, the Babies swapped off of the Bastion. In the end, the damage from the Babies, strengthened first by a Valkyrie and then by a Supercharger, was too much and the Gr-Amnas were wiped out, and the reinforcements were killed before they could touch the payload. And so the Babies won. Not just the map, not just the match, but the entire tournament was theirs.

Match Three: Gr-Amnas versus Meemaws

With wins over both Gr-Amnas and Meemaws, the Babies were victorious. But it still had to be determined which of the grandmas were the best grandmas. So the Gr-Amnas and the Meemaws prepared to face each other. The first map was on Nepal, beginning on Village. Gr-Amnas captured the point first, but a great Earthshatter from Raedimus knocked down five of the Gr-Amnas, ending in their deaths and Meemaws taking the point. The Gr-Amnas pushed back with a nanoboosted Earthshatter, but a Graviton Surge from Eris captured four players, who were the killed by Amanda’s Pulse Bomb and primary fire, securing the point for the Meemaws. The second map was Shrine. The point was first captured by Meemaws, but MissRoxy on Hanzo was able to flip the momentum by getting two beautiful headshots on Zadca’s Ana and Sandra’s McCree. With this momentum, Gr-Amnas were able to clean up the remaining Meemaws and take the point for themselves. The last fight went on for a while, with kills back and forth and ultimates used, but ultimately, the Gr-Amnas were able to take the map, tying up Nepal. The last map on Nepal was Sanctum. A charge from Alliesong’s Reinhardt to Zadca’s Ana, as well as MissRoxy taking out two of the other Meemaws, won the Gr-Amnas first control. The next fight, MissRoxy scored a triple kill to keep the Meemaws at bay again. It didn’t take much longer for Meemaws to take the point, however, after using a Deadeye from Sandra, and a Boostio on point. In the end, Meemaws was able to build up more ultimates, and they used them to overwhelm the Gr-Amnas with health, disruption, and damage, and take the point and the map for themselves.

We then went to Hollywood, with the Gr-Amnas attacking first. The Meemaws started their hold by first taking out MissRoxy’s Pharah, prompting a switch to Doomfist, then Hanzo. The Meemaws maintained their hold, first with an Earthshatter from Raedimus knocking down three and forcing Juniper’s Transcendence, and then Eris used the opportunity to catch the Gr-Amnas in a Graviton Surge to wipe them out. Nami’s McCree did manage to flank around to try and catch Meemaws off guard with a Deadeye, but Zadca on Ana was too fast and slept the McCree almost instantly. As the last fight approached, the Gr-Amnas again had no ultimates to use, while the Meemaws had two in the bank. Between a Dragonstrike from Amanda splitting the Gr-Amnas, and the rushed attack the Gr-Amnas had tried, the Meemaws were able to stop the Gr-Amnas from getting even a tick of the capture on the point. All the Meemaws had to do on attack to win was to capture that tick. Although the Gr-Amnas were able to hold off the Meemaws for a little while, the Meemaws were able to build up three ultimates and use them all in one fight. Both Reinhardts, Nami and Radeimus, were nanoboosted, but also both Reinhardts were slept, rendering their boost useless. The rest of the Meemaws picked up the slack, however, with Amanda on Hanzo using her Dragonstrike to kill Amnas’s Ana, and then a normal arrow to kill Nami’s Reinhardt. With the tick captured, the Meemaws had proved themselves the superior of the grandmas, but still, not superior to the winning Babies.

As a participant of this in-house tournament, as well as several other tournaments in the past, I will be the first to say they are quite fun. They are a good way to spend time with your fellow Death Blossom members and get to know each other through playing together. The fun I had with my team was off the charts, and thinking about the jokes we made still make me laugh.

Overall, there were great plays, amazing teamwork, and a great cast and camerawork done for all to see. Check out the VoD, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next event so you can team up with your fellow blossoms and utterly destroy each other.

Watch the VoD here: