Meet the Staff: Recruiting Officers

Posted by Stardust February 3, 2019 in Interviews

Hello, blog readers, and welcome back to our ongoing series of Meet the Staff! Last time we met our faithful Admins, Amna and Demi, and today you’ll get to know the Recruiting Officers (RO’s) that help make Death Blossoms a wonderful community to be a member of. In this interview we spoke with SubLein and Trippid, both of whom are responsible for reviewing the applications of, inviting, and interviewing all potential DB members. They are also responsible for promoting recruits to full member status and removing inactive members of the community. The purpose of these interviews is to help our community members and blog readers get to know what it takes to be an officer in Death Blossoms as well as to learn more about our officers outside of their role as staff members. Read on to learn all about SubLein and Trippid, our favorite Gatekeepers at DB!

SubLein is a busy woman that recently graduated from Central Michigan University with her Master’s degree. She is engaged to a fellow DB member, ColaDeTigre, and they are hoping to get married this February! She is a fan of Anime and enjoys playing Overwatch. She also tries to find as much free time to spend with her fiancée as she can. Her roommate, Alex, is 17-years-old and the fluffiest, goodest girl there is! Sub is a prized member of Team Wolfsbane in DB. Trippid is a busy woman herself, volunteering as a Girl Guide (the Canadian equivalent of Girl Scouts in the US), at her local zoo, and at the humane society. A life goal Trippid has for herself is to one day earn her degree in Astrobiology. Trippid is also a beloved member of Team Aris and is the resident baker who enjoys making mashed potatoes at midnight on occasion. You don’t just stumble upon a group of people that have similar goals, values, and interests as you most times, however. So how did these ladies end up in Death Blossoms?

SubLein found Overwatch after seeing videos from YouTubers MelonieMac and Jesse Cox. The video from MelonieMac she saw was the same video that prompted our admins Amna and Demi to join! Cox posted videos of him playing the game himself. She fell in love with the layout of the game, the characters, and the way it was played. After MelonieMac responded to her, she joined DB. She purchased the game shortly after the beta phase ended, but she did not actually begin playing until the end of the third competitive season. She didn’t have much experience with computer gaming, and the idea of PVP style gaming made her a bit uneasy, but once she began playing she found herself thoroughly enjoying the game. Trippid, on the other hand, is a FPS video game player. She watched her dad play the original Half Life game as a young 8-year-old, and when Half Life 2 came out in 2004 she played through it herself and has been hooked on video games ever since. She did not get into games that relied heavily on PVP style mechanics in the past, but she liked the idea of challenging herself, having the outcome much more heavily dependent on her ability to make the right choice alongside her teammates and against an unpredictable enemy. Overwatch was perfect for her in this sense, and she has enjoyed learning the game. Becoming this invested in a game, of course, leads us to join communities and groups with similar interests. For a community like Death Blossoms, that is blooming with each day that passes, that also gives way to the opportunity to help lead these communities as well.

“Death Blossoms is vastly different from when it first started, but I have enjoyed watching it change into a better and more positive place to be.” – Sublein

SubLein and Trippid are members of Death Blossoms first, and officers second. They love being a part of the wonderful group of ladies that have come together to play video games in a toxicity-free environment and make friends along the way. Both agree that DB has an amazing staff that volunteers their time and energy to making this a fantastic place to be. They love getting to know the members and being Recruiting Officers provides them a unique opportunity to do so. As all members of DB know, part of the recruitment process involves applying to the community followed by an interview. What most applicants don’t realize, though, is the RO’s go through each application one at a time, and they do all they can to learn more about you as a gamer and person. Then they conduct the voice comm interview where they spend more of their personal time getting to know the woman behind the screen. They care about our members and they put so much of their time and effort into the recruitment process because they understand firsthand why DB is such an exciting place to be. As I was talking with these ladies, I realized being an officer doesn’t just mean a shiny role in the discord. It also bleeds over into real life.

“I think what I love most about being an officer is being proud of this community we’ve all built.” – Sublein

Sub and Trippid have both taken their experience as officers within DB and have applied them to their real lives as well. Both have secured jobs and volunteer opportunities by sharing with their potential employers the responsibilities and time they have invested in DB and used them as positive examples of their reliability and hardworking attitudes. In addition to being Recruiting Officers, Sub and Trippid have assisted in our Death Blossoms University program that we run monthly. Both have volunteered as instructors as well as helped shape the instructor guide that we give each of our teachers to help them streamline the process.

“You feel perpetually motivated because we all encourage one another.” – Trippid

Everyone who joins any type of community will have things that stand out to them more than others. The work as a staff member in DB can be time consuming, detail oriented, and tiresome. We all have offline lives in addition to what we volunteer to do on the internet. But our faithful officers take their jobs seriously and reap serious benefits from doing so. As I previously mentioned, both of our RO’s are members first and officers second. Being members of DB, they see just how much DB feels like a family. The discord community acts as a safe place to share your accomplishments, to ask questions, and to make friends that you can turn to when you are looking for company in-game. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re located, you’re welcomed and appreciated for who you are in DB. Trippid has a fun time sharing her “absurd rhymes” when writing announcements for the members of our community. She frequently rewrites a single announcement multiple times before deciding that she is happy with it and ready to share it with our members. She may feel tired after reading her own words back for the 20th time, but the reactions are what she lives for. Both SubLein and Trippid agree, the hardest part of being a Recruiting Officer is having to remove members from the community due to conduct mishaps or inactivity. We pride ourselves on being an active discord, and inactivity is a removable “offense”. Both RO’s have been members of DB for a long-time, and when they see their friends’ names on the list, it is difficult to say goodbye. You don’t have to have hourlong talks about your view on the universe or theory craft with them about the current meta for them to be sad to say goodbye to you. While we all understand priorities and interests change, and sometimes life just doesn’t leave much room for chatting any longer, it will always be tough to part ways with those we have grown to care about as our friends.

“I’m sure there are some people who wish I would just say what the event is, but the times I get a positive response (to my announcements) I’m proud of myself! Like ‘Yeah, I spent three hours on that last night’!” – Trippid

On a less serious and heavy note, however, I asked these lovely ladies more about themselves. SubLein told me the story of how she found her battletag while on a family trip to Cedar Point, Ohio. She was taking German at the time and wanted to incorporate it into her tag. She was playing around with words such as “sublime” and ended up on SubLein (pronounced similarly). Most people know her simply as “Sub” and she’s completely okay with that. Sub is a proud Mercy main that feels weakest when playing Doomfist. While she has many cumulative hours on Mercy and has plenty of experience healing, she is constantly learning new mechanics to make her a more effective main healer and player. Trippid also learned about Death Blossoms from MelonieMac, though she joined a bit later than the other members of our staff who joined from the same video. She found her current battle and discord tag from the days of playing World of Warcraft. She had a Tauren female she had named “Mirubela” but decided to change the name after a few years. She changed her character model to a male Troll and she hit the name randomizer until she got to “Tripie” which later evolved into “Trippid”. She has a second username she uses often, “Tilted_Logic” that she uses interchangeably among gaming platforms. She’s had it since a young age and will sometimes laugh when hearing someone say they’re “tilted”.

“No! I’M TILTED!” – Trippid

I asked both officers if they had any funny memories or stories they wanted shared on the blog and both had one to share! I hope you’ll enjoy these as we wrap up this interview.
“Back when Cola and I were first given the role of recruiting officer, Amna wanted to go through some training with us and created mock experiences to see how well we would deal with them. During this training Amna told us to hold on for a second and left, this was the moment that Amna’s husband took the mic. He was pretending to be a recruit. The first thing he asked Cola and I was if Death Blossoms was the place he could come to kill women in game. Basically he was pretending to be a mega troll. Cola and I did not know how to respond since it was so unexpected!” – SubLein

“There was the time when two ladies applied for DB and said that a friend of Kentos suggested they join. I had no idea who Kentos was, so I took to officer chat to see if any of them knew; I even posted in DB about it. No one had any idea, so Vero, Catfish and I did some sleuthing (it was honestly 98% Vero) and through the applicant’s twitch we found Kentos. We watched some of his stream trying to figure out who he was and then all of a sudden, we hear Amna!!!! Amna was on a team with Kentos and was the one that suggested these ladies join DB! But the hilarious part is we had such a huge discussion of it in officer chat – it just went on forever with us trying to figure out who this Kentos person was and who he knew. And then a few hours later Amna finally came online and laughed herself nearly to death reading all about our investigation. The worst part was that after we discovered it was Amna I kept thinking the name Kentos rang a bell for me, so I went back and read a DM I had from Amna where she shared some Brigitte tips from the healer on her team (you’ll never guess who), Kentos. I had the knowledge all along haha.” – Trippid

Thank you to SubLein and Trippid for taking the time to chat with me for the Death Blossoms blog, and thank you for reading all about our staff! We will be back next month to learn all about Jennos, our resident Event Organizer! Please check out Sublein on Twitter and Twitch, and follow Trippid on Twitter and YouTube!