Pensive Petals and Halloween Terror

Posted by Amna October 11, 2018 in Blossoms Thoughts

While visiting Annecy in Southern France, I decided to visit the famed Château Guillard. After learning Amélie Lacroix had taken over ownership to her family’s beautiful castle on the water, I was curious how it had changed.

I had to travel to Château Guillard by boat, and as I approached an eerie feeling overcame me. I was nervous, but my curiosity was far stronger so. With my camera in hand, I begin exploring the vast castle. As I walk by a beautiful statue, covered eerily by crows, and continue straight as I enter one of the main halls. Everything is dark, overrun with cobwebs, as I notice a large spider above me. Without missing a beat, I hear “The party is over”, and I see Widowmaker herself perched above me in her pink and black spider outfit, intensely staring at me.  I sneak a photo, and quickly dart down the left hall, hoping to escape before I upset her. Before I can calm my nerves down, I see Soldier: 76 walking towards me in a terrifying Slasher outfit, his axe in the door beside me. “Knock, knock” he says calmly, his unbreaking gaze upon me. He’s walking slowly, at an even pace, and I know I can sneak in a picture while I plan my escape. I notice a path to my right, take my photos and run, then it brings me to a familiar courtyard. Instead of turning left, and potentially upsetting Widowmaker by showing my face once more, I decide to follow the upper path across to further explore. I am afraid of what I may come across next but determined to fully uncover the mysteries of Château Guillard. I noticed to my left there were bright pink lights flashing, so I decided to look at what was happening. As I approached, I see Sombra laying on a table… but she doesn’t look like herself. She has a tattered pink dress on, bindings on her legs, and her hair is styled differently. I can see she’s lifeless, so I take as many photos as I possibly can while trying to understand the situation. She’s suddenly shocked to life by the pink lasers, and begins trying to break loose from her restraints. I take this as my cue to leave, snap one more picture, and run up the stairs to my left. I see a room filled with beautiful, floating candles and can’t help but walk over to admire just how peaceful it is in the otherwise chaotic castle. As I approach, camera in hand to take a picture of the amazing sight, a suit of armor that was propped up in the corner comes to life, glowing a beautiful teal color. Before I can react to what I’m seeing, Pharah asks me “Are you frightened?” I stumble backwards to a safe distance because I know I can’t leave without a picture of something so magical, then walk across the back hall of the château, quietly reminding myself I’ve almost explored every chamber.  I see a pumpkin patch ahead, with two friendly faces rummaging through the jack-o-lanterns. Reinhardt picks up pumpkins without a second thought and begins smashing them with his hammer, while Winston gingerly picks up a single pumpkin and brings it to life. I crouch down and slowly walk towards them with a relieved smile on my face. When I finally reach them, neither pays me much mind, and I walk around to the right to sit down and watch their antics while snapping as many pictures as I can.

Reinhardt then notices he has uncovered a very large jack-o-lantern and has a determined and excited look on his face as he tries to pick it up so it can serve as his next target. As he gets a good grip on the pumpkin and begins to tug on it, we are all surprised to see Hammond pop out of the top, and the jack-o-lantern transforms into his recognizable mech. Startled by this unexpected discovery, I walk backwards, taking as many photos as I can, and accidentally land onto a jump pad. I’m thrown over a wall towards the enchanted room of candles. Upon landing, I hear a splash in the water and see Doomfist emerging, looking identical to the swamp monsters that I’ve heard protect the castle on the lake. In utter amazement I take a picture, and wonder if my friends will believe me when I show them. At this point, my curiosity has been sated and I know I need to head back to my boat. As I walk back into the main castle, I see Sombra standing next to Junkenstein himself, but they aren’t alone… Junkenstein’s monster is creepily standing motionless next to the table. I decide I can’t risk walking through this room undetected and take the stairs down into the cellar to try to escape instead. As I reach the lower floor, I am met by a zombie Bastion and Ganymede walking towards me with their arms outstretched, and I know I have nowhere to run.  In a stroke of good luck, Brigitte storms in and bashes the zombie Bastion with a smile on her face. She turns to me and cheerfully asks, “You’re not… scared, are you?” I weakly grin and walk away, turned around by the recent happenings. I see a glowing, foggy cage with a coffin inside, and decide I need to get away quickly. I pick up my pace but almost immediately I run into McCree standing next to a cauldron. My eyes widen and I turn around again, knowing I’ve gone too far, and as I turn around McCree says “It’s your funeral.” I realize I didn’t take his picture, and because I wouldn’t dare leave without one I pull out my camera and the flash goes off. Suddenly banshee Moira appears, obviously perturbed by my presence. I panic and drop my camera, causing the flash to go off, and Moira shrieks. After momentarily vanishing, giving me enough time to pick up my belongings and find my footing, she reappears and I take my most prized picture of the entire trip. As she is disoriented by the flash once more, I flee, able to make it back to the dock where my boat is waiting. My heart is racing, but I know once I show these unbelievable pictures to my friends back home, it will have all been worth it.

I arrive back at Death Blossoms Island, pictures in hand and begin passing them around. The response is just as wonderful as I’d hoped.

LynndaLynnda immediately grabs for Moira’s photo and can’t contain her excitement:


Goon, however, is quick to swoop towards the photo herself, her eyes wide and full of stars:

I’d sacrifice myself to her

Kristen, Kikoia, and Rose quickly join LynndaLynnda and Goon in gushing over Moira, who has clearly struck awe and adoration in these ladies’ hearts.

Lego, however, is captivated by Widowmaker in her unique spider outfit:

It’s beautiful.

Competing with Moira for the biggest reaction was Pharah, with many of the ladies gushing over the incredible sight:

Somecatfish “I’m dying over that skin I can’t think straight!”
Luna (Woona) “THAT SKIN!”
Juniper “IT’S SO GOOD!”

As the ladies flipped through my photos, excitedly discussing their opinions and thoughts on what they saw, they came across Hammond:

Eternaforest “That was meant for dva!”
Goon “AAAA YES!”
Kristen “Ahhh I love it!”
Ph03nix “It’s a nice skin for the Hammy Boi!”

They next saw McCree, in his very different look than they are used to the cowboy wearing. Not everyone was so sure it was the best costume choice for him:

MiddiMidori “He cute, his buckle is ‘Dead Ass MF!'”
LovelyPop “I don’t know if I like it or not!”
Kristen “I don’t like it too much, but I also don’t like it? I guess I’m indifferent.”
Zadca “I want an option without that bandanna up, it looks tacked on as an afterthought.”
Cloudninedreamer “I’m meh on McCree. He has Van Helsing, and what’s better than that?”

There was a gasp from Rainmonkey when she noticed the picture of Sombra I’d taken

Sombra is BEAUTIFUL!

After hearing how excited Rainmonkey was, the other ladies took a look for themselves:

Kristen “I officially NEED bride sombra!”
Churro “Her hair is amazing”
Cloudninedreamer “I like her dress, it looks so cool and ragged. I also hope there are or will be comics of Sombra being made as Roadhog’s bride and she just says ‘Uh, no.'”

Creature had a giggle with me over seeing Bastion and Ganymede zombified, and we chatted amongst ourselves how excited we were that it was introduced as an emote for him. The chatter continued late into the night as we all dreamed of what our lootboxes would hold in store for us the next time we logged on.

I hope you enjoyed reading this creative telling of Halloween Terror 2018! Thank you to EVERYONE in Death Blossoms who allowed me to share their reaction to the skin, emote, and highlight announcements! Best of luck in completing your personal collections this year. Check back again soon for more content here at the DB blog! Until then, please check out our Twitch, Twitter, and application if you are interested in becoming a member of Death Blossoms.