Product Review: Katie Daisy Weekly Planners

Posted by Amna January 1, 2019 in Reviews

A few months ago, several of our Death Blossoms officers and members were gifted Katie Daisy 2019 On-the-Go Weekly Planners. As busy ladies handling officer responsibilities, Overwatch team obligations, and let’s not forget real life, I thought a daily planner was perfectly appropriate for the hardworking women that keep our community thriving. This isn’t just any daily planner.

Katie Daisy is an artist that creates flowery, nature-inspired drawings that highlight the beauty in every moment. Her planner is overflowing with vibrant artwork; from poisonous plants and colorful critters, to ocean dreams and celestial magic. Every week has a new secret, and every month has its own special theme just waiting to delight you. The gorgeous visuals celebrate the good days, and brighten up the gloomy ones. Using the planner is more than just a daily task – it becomes an enjoyable experience!


Print quality is excellent, and the pages themselves are thick enough to prevent bleed-through using my fountain pen. The planner is small enough to fit nicely into my handbag: it measures 5”x7” when closed (10”x7” open), with a substantial 256 pages made from both recycled materials and sustainably managed forests. Writing space for each day is ideal for several items (more than six or so items will start feeling cramped). The planner has 17 months included – from Aug 2018 through December 2019. Since 2018 is nearly over, the planner itself can be purchased through Amber Lotus Publishing or Amazon at a reduced price! And the great part is that there’s still an ENTIRE YEAR in the calendar remaining 🙂


Our Blog Manager, PUG Manager, and Aris team member, Stardust, had her own bit of feedback regarding the planner: “From an aesthetic point of view I love the design of the planner and how each month has unique artwork. I appreciate that there is a monthly calendar for general reminders (such as a holiday, birthday, anniversary) but that there is still a generous weekly spread that allows me to write in further detail about upcoming events and appointments. As a blog and “event” manager that extra space helps me greatly. Being able to not only write “Thursday: Weekly Event” but to also be able to write reminders to myself about any changes or special happenings keeps me better organized.”

Team Captain of Belladonna, and one of our active streamers, MiddiMidori, says, “It is very convenient to use and the sections are large enough to write enough information and even bullet point things I need to get done that day or week. I love the colors and patterns, unlike some other planners that are boring and don’t make planning fun.”

Our weekend PUG Manager, Wisteria team member and streamer, eternaforest, says, “I love the blank areas to write in that aren’t lined, I also LOVE the art it’s just so pretty. It’s also the perfect size; it’s not too big but not too small, so it doesn’t feel like a burden to throw in your bag as it doesn’t take up much space.”

A special thank you to Amber Lotus Publishing for gifting our community with these wonderful planners!

This post was written by Amna of Death Blossoms. Posted by Stardust with permission.