Sunday Setups: Ashnanigens

Posted by Stardust April 28, 2019 in Interviews

Hello, lovely internet readers and welcome back to the new and improved Death Blossoms blog! We absolutely love the remodel of our website in its entirety and I hope you do as well. 🙂 DB has been focusing on making improvements and updates to our site so our blog has been quietly waiting to have a new post added. I am happy to say today I have a new piece to share with you: a lovely, relaxed Sunday Setups post featuring one of the members of Team Gladiolus, Ashnanigens.

Hey my name is Ash (Ashnanigens on discord and pretty much all of my social media!). I am 22-years-old and just moved out to California to work at Disney! I love playing many characters in Overwatch, but my absolute favorites are Ana and Hanzo! I have been with the beautiful Death Blossoms community for a couple of months now right before the holiday season! I’ve been having a blast so far – and I’m new to the PC game so pretty much every post in the discord is helping me discover the land of PC gaming!

I have to admit probably a PC gamer’s worst nightmare – I have a pre-built PC. I know, I know! I can make a much better one with my own two hands and that will be the plan in the future! My setup has been around since about July of 2018, and I just have an omen gaming pc and monitor because I’m a newbie and got very overwhelmed watching so many PC building tutorials online!

The biggest challenge I currently face is just getting to know all the parts in my PC- and figuring out what I can replace to make things run smoother. It’s been a great first PC so far and I’m very thankful that the computer I have claims to be upgradable when it comes to parts – I hope to utilize the feature soon. It’s been able to handle gameplay and streaming which is basically all I’m aiming for right now!

My favorite part about my setup currently is just that it has a solid foundation to build upon – some upgrades I’m looking forward to soon is probably a second monitor, and my mic to practice more voice acting and help me with my stream! I’m planning on sitting at this desk a while – so maybe a better chair soon will help my poor 90-year-old back in the long run! I also switch around my desk knick-knacks every once in a while, to keep it fresh! Maybe soon I can get a nice sturdy shelf to put my nendoroid collection on, so they can all stare at me in a row as I sleep. My other favorite part is looking into Hanzo’s eyes when I get a great headshot – I hope I make him proud.

Feel free to follow me or chat to me on Twitter or Twitch! I love making new friends!

You can find Ash on Twitch and Twitter – give her a follow and say hello! I’ll be back with more content on a weekly basis, so I hope to see you again soon! <3