Team Tuesday: EUcalyptus

Posted by Amna October 2, 2018 in Interviews


Hello and welcome to this iteration of Team Tuesday! This time around we will be meeting Team EUcalyptus, Death Blossoms’ first EU team, and one of the oldest teams on our server. Read on to learn about our favorite koalas, from the early days of EUcalyptus, all the way to where the team stands now and the goals they hope to achieve together.

Team EUcalyptus is comprised of 7 members:

Captain Ramsbottom, Benolot, Frostfoxie, Grohiik, Sandra, Tustun, and Kindred

Somecatfish’s cats

Former co-captain and member Somecatfish also participated in this interview on her last day officially as part of the team. Like I mentioned previously, EUcalyptus was the first EU team formed within Death Blossoms. The original members of this team – 4 of the current 7 members – were part of what is now known as Team Aris. The team at that time was split in half to form both an NA and EU team. When the EU team was formed and they began searching for a flower themed name, pun master Sandra, who is a flex player for the team, came up with the idea of EUcalyptus to include the option to capitalize the EU in their team name. One of the original members friends drew their koala logo, and Frostfoxie, a Mercy main support on the team, added the team name to the logo. This was a very collaborative effort and it helped them grow together early on.

“We’re high KOALA-TY!” – Sandra

The team does stream from time to time on their personal Twitch accounts as well as on the official Death Blossoms Twitch. When asked what they feel is important to know about them when tuning in to a stream for the first time there was a resounding answer amongst themselves: “If you want to laugh along with us, please watch. There will be many laughs!”

One of Benolot’s cats, Pixel

Recently the ladies had a serious conversation about what goals are looking to achieve individually and as a team. They agreed they are here to play together and have as much fun as possible, but they are absolutely looking to improve. With a current overall SR average of platinum, they enjoy grouping up for both quick play and competitive during practice nights.

“This team has ruined comp for me! I never want to solo queue anymore!” – Ramsbottom

While they haven’t done any tournaments as a team, they have participated in scrims in the past with in-house DB teams Zenobia and Calluna. These scrims have since dropped off due to SR differences, and they have begun looking outside of the DB realm to find new partners to continue practicing against different teams but haven’t found any matches yet. EUcalyptus’ schedule for a while consisted of scrim Sundays, practice on Mondays, and a silly, more laid back practice on Wednesdays. Nowadays, however, they try to keep a more flexible schedule, and group up whenever they are all available to hop on Overwatch together. They have a goal to reach 1 scrim a week and 2 practice days a week for 3 days total playing together realistically. On practice nights they tend to prefer playing quick play before jumping into competitive play.

“OW was getting boring for me. I found EUcalyptus, and now it’s fun again! I really don’t play outside of team activities anymore.” – Benolot

Something unique to Team EUcalyptus (and our other EU teams) is they are international. All of the girls come from different European countries and therefore have different mother tongues. When asked how this affects communication and mannerisms they had this to share:

“We’re used to when you’re outside of your country, you speak English. So since we all know we’re from different countries we switch to English and hope for the best! Meeting in Death Blossoms also means we all spoke English – and most of us started on Aris, too, which spoke English primarily – so English is an understood norm for our team.”

I asked the ladies what their favorite part of playing on an all female team within Death Blossoms was, and this is when the wholesome factor hit over 9000.

“I’m so grateful I got to meet all of these wonderful human beings.” – Sandra

There was a resounding feeling of safety and comfort because there is an expectation of male toxicity within the gaming community because of past experiences on other games and within Overwatch itself. When playing with DB members there has been a marked difference in the rude remarks, crass humor, and inappropriate behaviors. Ramsbottom joined DB because she remembers in over 6 months of playing Overwatch she hadn’t heard a single female voice in comms while playing quick play or competitive modes. Since joining, she’s grateful to have many more female gamers she plays with regularly.

“Where are all the female gamers?! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many girl friends in my entire life.” – Ramsbottom

After asking how the experience of being on an all ladies team has affected their gaming experience for EUcalyptus, I asked how it has affected them overall in OW. Again, this was an enlightening question for me because I did not realize just how negative the experience had been for some of these ladies. I heard first hand experiences of women who had lost their voice out of fear of being attacked or insulted, and how they found it again once they had their friends backing them up, and standing in their corner ready to remind them they’re important and cared for. Many shared that having these friends with them not only makes them feel stronger and braver, but has helped them have more fun overall. Being teammates and long-time friends has enriched their gaming experience greatly.

“I feel the support from the team has the biggest impact on me, and is the greatest change I’ve seen.” – Frostfoxie

“I’ve grown more confident from being in DB and especially from being on EUcalyptus. I rarely talked before due to remarks I got, but now I talk constantly.” – Benolot

“I’ve never really been comfortable with my voice, and talking in-game… being teased… it scared me. But I’ve grown so much more comfortable talking and even shot-calling just from being around these lovely people.” – Sandra

Since Team EUcalyptus has been so successful in navigating the sometimes tumultuous waters of working as a team, I asked if they had any advice for those who are looking to join or form a team.

Benolot, their resident Mei ice queen and support player, had this pearl of wisdom to share: “Choose who you enjoy playing with, not just the ‘best’ people. You’ll play together more, practice more, and have fun. You want to be friends with your teammates, not have a group of people who DC as soon as possible when the games end. Have a trial period. Play with them often, communicate with them, make it clear it’s to ensure they fit with the team. It’s important it’s what both of you want most.”

Somecatfish, who played DPS during her long membership with EUcalyptus, shared this advice: “It’s important to have more than just 6 people who can fill roles needed. Be friends, talk to each other, support one another. We’ve had three meet-ups, and it’s been great!”

Ramsbottom rounded out the advice with this important truth bomb: “It’s also very important to realize what everybody’s expectations are, because you can have tons of fun playing together, but if you want to be a team long-term everyone needs to know what the team motto is and what you’re all aiming for. Don’t assume everyone wants the same thing.”

As I thanked EUcalyptus for taking the time to share with me about themselves and their fantastic team, I asked if they had a memorable game or even a highlight they’d like to share. The video you’ll find below is from one of their aforementioned meet-ups in Vienna. Tustun and Sandra played Hanzo *at the same time*, with Tustun controlling the keyboard and Sandra controlling the mouse. You have to see it to believe how amazing it turned out for them!


Thank you so much, Team EUcalyptus, and I hope you enjoyed learning about our resident koalas. Check back next month for a feature on Team Calluna here at your official Death Blossoms blog!

Frostfoxie’s cat

Grohiik’s cat

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