The NEW Death Blossoms Website

Posted by Amna February 23, 2019 in Reviews

Out with the old, and in with the new! Some of you may have noticed that the Death Blossoms website has been looking a little different lately. Well, your powers of observation do not fail you –  the design and functionality of our website is going through a major overhaul. I’m here to navigate you through some of our exciting new changes. Let’s keep in mind, the site is still under construction, so keep an eye out for any rogue Sombras and report them to your friendly neighborhood DB Officer.

With the new update, we really wanted to highlight what DB does best: tournaments! Every month we organize competitive 6v6 events where we invite DB and sometimes DBF members to join up and get placed into teams. With our new website, we can now keep track of tournament results and display actual live scores that are linked to teams and individual players. On tourney day, you can just tune into the site to follow the event! Don’t forget to check out the Streams tab to watch it live, and from multiple perspective.

That leads me to our Teams section. DB currently has eight all-female teams. You can check out rosters, and find contact info to schedule scrims with our teams. Every scheduled scrim will be recorded on the site, with a running tally for easier tracking. (Heck, you may even unlock an achievement or two).

A team that plays together, stays together, so feel free to check out all of our individual team player profiles to get the inside scoop on your next opponent! You can’t really complain about that pesky Lucio one-trick when just a little bit of homework would have revealed a Twitch link with endless VODs of devastating Lucio boops. We’ve also added customized player stats to help you get to know our players!

Finally, we want to highlight our News section. We have a devoted Blog Team working day in and day out to provide this community with new and interesting content. OWL news? You got it. Member highlights? Better believe it. We are a community with many stories to share. Keep an eye on the site for news on events, interviews, game-related content, and more importantly, #WatchUsBloom

This article was written by Demilaryn and edited by Amna.